We have been entrusted by a renowned family office with the task of sourcing an exceptional tech investment opportunity. Our search spans across various countries, and we are specifically targeting scale-up tech companies that have already established a revenue-generating model. The family office is prepared to invest between USD 1 million and USD 5 million in the selected venture.
What sets this opportunity apart is the family office’s strong interest in playing an active role within the business. They are committed to leveraging their extensive international network and vast business management experience to fuel the company’s global expansion. As such, they seek to collaborate closely with the selected venture, ensuring their contribution goes beyond just financial support.
When considering investment proposals, our evaluation process places utmost importance on the people behind the venture. Exceptional individuals with a proven track record of success will be given primary consideration. Equally important is the strength and viability of the business idea itself.
To facilitate the application process, we kindly request interested parties to submit a short pitch deck with basic financials. Please ensure that the pitch deck succinctly presents your unique value proposition and showcases the potential for sustainable growth. Proposals will be accepted until the end of this month, providing ample time to assemble a compelling presentation.
This opportunity presents a unique chance to partner with a dedicated investor who not only brings financial resources but also invaluable strategic support to help propel your company’s growth on a global scale. We eagerly await your proposals and look forward to discovering exceptional talent and groundbreaking ideas that align with our investment criteria.

14 may 2024

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