In the world of fundraising, clients often seek my assistance in securing funds for their ventures. Surprisingly, many lack a coherent story, prompting extensive discussions to unearth the essence of their vision. Once armed with sufficient details, I delve into thorough market and product research.
The heart of my role lies in constructing a compelling narrative, intricately weaving the client’s original vision into a concise and structured presentation. However, despite the allure of AI tools promising efficiency, I’ve found them inadequate in preserving the uniqueness of each client’s story. Standard templates fall short in capturing the essence of diverse pitches—be they for fundraising, B2B, or project presentation.
My refusal to succumb to generic pitches stems from a belief in the distinctive nature of every client’s journey. Contrary to conventional advice, not all pitches fit a predefined mould. Each serves a unique objective, requiring a tailored approach. Books may advocate using specific slides for problems or solutions, but reality demands a more nuanced strategy.
Beyond refining the pitch, I emphasize the pivotal role of the founder as the primary storyteller. While CEOs may be time-strapped, no one can articulate their vision better than themselves. I guide founders through numerous pitch iterations, coaching them to deliver compelling answers. In the realm of deal-making, it’s not just about the pitch—it’s about the founder’s personality and team expertise that seal the deal. I am a facilitator, but the founder’s prowess and authenticity ultimately drive success.

14 may 2024

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