The Process

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Capital Raising Process


We listen to your aspirations and provide impartial feedback on your concept / vision. We do our due diligence to prepare you for the investors

Developing your Idea

Develop a strategic business plan, build the financial basis, model and forecasts. Prepare the investment documents. Assess whether equity, debt or convertible notes are the best opportunity. Outline the best use of funds and capital raising stages

Pitch & Negotiate

Create the pitch deck for investor discussions. We meet the investors and the financial institutions. We form the deal structure and raise the funds

Investment Process

Initial Screening

The initial screening of potential investments is primarily a desk-based exercise in which we review material received from project promoters. To ensure that the investment is sustainable and in line with IERO’s mandate, a thorough due diligence assessment is done before any investment decision is made.


IERO’s investment agreements specify: a) the amount IERO commits to invest b) the sequence of its disbursement c) representations and warranties d) the applicable terms and conditions of the financial instrument.


As an active, strategic investor, IERO contributes with expertise and experienced board directors to its portfolio companies. As companies grow and become profitable and sustainable, they are increasingly attractive to pri­vate investors. At a certain point, IERO’s involvement may no longer be additional, and the investment can be exited.

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