We explore the future, using smart financial solutions

A Boutique Experience

IERO Capital is the firm clients go to when they need capital and access to investors. We partner with you to design and direct your future in a way that drives results. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand, or to develop a new idea or a new project, you may want to give IERO Capital a closer look. As a lean yet impactful boutique, IERO Capital exposes business people to endless opportunities to raise capital and to private and institutional investors —providing an “on-the-ground” view of the action at an exciting leadership advisory firm.

Industries we serve

From Start-ups to established business are navigating an ever-changing landscape with pressure to rapidly respond and perform. No matter the industry, whether small or big, manufacturing or services, technology or entertainment, our team of experts can help your organization grow and excel.

Experience Entrepreneurial Team

Our people provide the framework of insight and expertise to lead our capital raising and investment programs.

Our management team has over 50 years of combined international experience, capable in sourcing, analysing, investing and growing business in different sectors including real estate, frontier technology, telecom, and start-ups.



IERO Capital is a true entrepreneurial growth partner, fully transparent, engaged in helping entrepreneurs to increase stakeholder’s value by providing the right amount of capital in the form of debt or equity, adding mentorship only when required.

Our Values

We have passion for knowledge and we believe more knowledge acquired by more people will make a better world. We are restless about innovation. We are always in pursuit of better ways to get things done, opening doors for new ideas and approaches.

Problem Solvers

We care what we do and the people we do it with. We respect listen, consult and support. We strive for technology excellence. We love turning complex problems and advanced technology into simple working solutions. We hold high regard for transparency. We believe that it’s what all relationships are built on.